Online Surveys for Money

Online Surveys for Money

Do you want to earn money online? Filling online paid surveys is one of the simplest ways to make cash. But beware some online paid surveys are legitimate and some are not. There are countless numbers of online survey sites on the internet, however only minority is worth your time. Legit websites are free.

So if a site requires a payment to become a member it’s nearly 100% a scam. Because they should pay you to work for them, and not you paying them. Compare it to real world, imagine you are looking for a job and a company tells you that you need to pay them to become an employee. What would you do in that situation? I am sure you would wake up smell the scam! Now let me describe the way survey business works.

How it works, and how much money can you expect to make taking online surveys for money?

Today’s world is extremely competitive. Companies have to create a service/product that is comparable or better than other services/products on market. And they can’t fail because they don’t want to lose money. So to have a better chance at success they must do major market research. Surveys are one of the most important parts of market research. They use data gathered via online surveys to know what their customers think of the product/service before launching.

They also often use surveys to improve an existing product. Are you interested how much money can you make filling online surveys. Frankly speaking don’t expect to make full time income (I’m not saying it’s impossible but it’s very hard). Better treat online surveys as an extra income source and expect to make $500-$800 monthly.

How to achieve that?

Usually survey companies pay $5-$20 for a decent survey. Imagine you complete a few surveys daily multiply it by 30 days in a month and you will realize that goal. There is one extremely important fact, and I will mention it many times on this page. Many people who start making online surveys only join one site. It’s a big mistake because each site is sending limited number of surveys to their users. It’s important to register on many survey sites (because the more sites you join, the more surveys you will receive). And this is the key to making decent money online.

Helpful Tips to Take Online Surveys for Money

Survey companies need to fit suitable surveys to your account. For this purpose, they need to “profile” you at the time of registration, or right after registration. When answering questions about your life etc. try to give very detailed response, and try to check as many hobbies or interests as you can.

Why it’s so significant? As I said earlier they need to fit your account with surveys, to do it they need data about you. The more information they have about you, the more surveys they will send to you. Don’t forget about contact information, it must be correct and not outdated.

Because they require this details to send you checks, cash, gifts etc. If you have time make sure you finish every survey you receive, even if some are not so well paid. It’s fundamental because if you complete all surveys they will notice that you are involved, and they’ll give you additional better paid surveys.

Make sure you check your inbox frequently. New survey invitations show up anytime during the day. This is so essential because each survey has expiration date and requires a limited amount of participants, and after date or number of people requirement has been reached survey is closed, and no one can join.

When checking email go from time to time to your spam folder. In some cases several surveys may not reach into the inbox, due to the fact that spam filters are often over-sensitive. If you find some surveys in there click not spam button to repair this problem. Many websites after creating a new account send a confirmation email. Remember to click the verification link from that mail. It’s required to finish account creation, and if you forget about it your account may be never activated.

If you want to make decent money you should join as many online survey sites as possible (each site will give you limited amount of surveys). It’s so crucial because the more surveys you complete, the more money you will make. To speed up registration process you can use auto form filler software. Let me explain how it works, when registering a new account the software will automatically fill predefined fields (example: name, surname, address, email…).

It can be also used to automate the logon process. Often, instantly after sign-up you will receive a brief profile survey. Remember to finish it, because data from this survey are used to fit surveys to your account. So if you finish it you will receive more surveys, and don’t forget more surveys completed = more money.

Do not cheat when doing a survey, because when they notice that you don’t play fair they will ban your account and you will lose all earnings. When doing surveys do not give some random nonsense answers, be fair and you will have no problems.

It’s without doubt a good idea to treat filling online surveys as a part time job. This means try to dedicate a small amount of time every day or every week.

Use that time to complete surveys. Regularity is a good method to make money. After some time you’ll make more and more and more money. Why it’s so important? To make decent money you must dedicate enough time to complete nice amount of surveys. It’s simple to make money from online surveys, you must fill out online surveys.

Don’t forget to keep your software up to date. Most important updates are flash, and java virtual machine. Always remember to keep this programs updated because java and flash is often required by survey companies.

Don’t forget that you are very valuable to survey companies. It’s a win-win situation they need your help to improve products/services, and you will receive cash for this help.

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Online surveys are a great way to make extra money, but don’t expect to much. It’s nearly impossible to make over $5000 monthly from online surveys, however you can make enough money to go on holidays, pay bills or rent.